Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap

Let's be honest... there was really only one thing to watch on television this weekend...

Caught some delicious dinner at Izakaya Den with friends, on Friday. Delicious as always. Then on Saturday I got out for a ride with most of the new teamates. We were treated to some pretty great, if slightly windy, weather. A nice little cruiser of a ride, to be social and get to know one another some more. Good times. We did pass the car that I am voting for as our "new" Subaru team car too!

Sunday was a lot more chill. Did some recovering, resting, cleaning, little hike with the wifey and dogs, and more resting.

Sometime during the weekend I tried two new beers. The first was Upslope Brewing, a new Boulder brewery, which JP had mentioned to me, but I hadn't seen in any stores up until last week. It was pretty delicious, even though pale ales tend to not be my favorites. No doubt helped by the odd satisfaction of having a high-quality beer in a can.

And the second was a Sternweisse from Hacker-Pschorr. Hacker-Pschorr makes some of my favorite beer, but I hadn't seen this one before, so you know it was going in the cart! And it didn't disappointe! Absolutely delicious, in the way that only an unfiltered beer can be. I read that technically this is brewed as more of an amber, stronger and darker than a typical wheat. I just call it "tasty".

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