Monday, February 23, 2009

Seven Thousand

7,000 sounds like a pretty big number, unless of course you're talking about the current status of the New York Stock Exchange. We've got that "stimulus" bill, or 3 or so, floating around out there, and it doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. Maybe part of that is because every time I seem to hear or read anything about it, it looks less stimulating and more like crap. Taking another bold step, President Obama told everyone today that he would "cut the federal deficit in half". As if saying it out loud, will just make it happen. Meanwhile, that "market thing", is looking all but destined to close below 7000 points in the extremely near future (as in probably today). Maybe I'm not being patient enough, and not giving the stimulus plan(s) enough time to work, but you know what? I'm not a patient man, and I'm sick of hearing the nonsense on the radio. So I'm going to get out of the house, and start taking matters into my own hands. Specifically... by preparing for the post apocalyptic era.

If you know anything about post-appocolyptic living... you know that a fast, reliable, incredibly tough, 600hp car, is second only to a gun, to ensure your survival. That's why I was happy to find Aussie Coupes, who will build me an exact replica of the Mad Max Interceptor!

Though... the world seems to be an increasingly dangerous and violent place. And with global warming, you never know how seas levels may rise. So I might need something a bit more "hard core";

Something, like the Damnation Alley Landmaster! Featuring 12 driving wheels, on four tristar arrangements, a 391 cubic inch Ford industrial motor, the ability to float, has 3/8" steel plating, and of course, a rocket launcher!

The market is dropping fast though, and I might not have time for either of those (or money due to deflation and the market), so I might just have to settle for the Mutt-Cutts Mobile;

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Elgee said...

I'm speechless. for the first time ever.