Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lunch Meetings

It's been a good week for lunch meetings... and by that I mean, it's been nice enough outside to escape for a bit, and get in a ride, while soaking up the sunshine! Leg coverings weren't even required the last two days!

Yesterday I got out on the fixie for a good 80 minutes or so. The legs were pretty crispy from the weekend still, so a healthy spin was in order. Once on the bike, the legs felt better than anticipated, so I was able to do several good efforts, spinning along like an egg-beater. It was probably the fixies last ride for now; time to take it home, swap out the fixed cog for a freewheel, and the slicks for knobs, because in another 2.5 weeks is Cult Cross! And conditions are sounding muddy... which makes for "weird" cross racing here in the high-desert. I can't emphasizing enough - hit this race if you can. The drive is well worth the drive, getting in a nice early-season effort, the awesome course and of course the atmosphere.

Anyway, double workout day, as I stopped on the way home, to put in another run. I've vowed to try to keep from getting so woefully out of running shape again, as I did before running this past Fall. And plus, cross season is (sorta) coming up! And I've even been toying with the idea of doing a duathlon or two this year. Regardless of all that, I slept like a baby last night after the double!

Today the weather was gorgeous again. We should be getting hit with a blizzard anytime now... While wearing sunglasses to keep from blinding myself from my pasty white knobby knees, I hit out for another lunch time ride. This time to see if I could still ride the TT bike in a straight line. I tried the GPS software out in the iPwn too, and it told me this;

iMapMyRide works pretty well, and uploads automatically to MapMyRide all pretty easily, but it absolutely destroys the battery. Todays hour long ride, ate a solid 38% of my battery life. I might go back to Trail Guru, which works well, is easy to use, and now has a function to let you take pictures and automatically geo-tag them along the way. There's an extra step as you have to save a file which you can then upload to MapMyRide, or other similar sites, but it might be worth it. How often do I really use it anyway?

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