Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nearly Friday

It's hard to complain (too much) this week... it's been another week of lovely weather. And I've even managed to sneak outside for a bike ride at lunch each day! And of course, every day outside, means no evening spent at home, trying to figure out what to watch while suffering on the trainer. The legs have been toasty, but how can you complain when your outside in shorts!? Dry, dirt climbs can be fun!

Team meeting tonight, so I should get to put my own fingerprints, all over my own new frame! Of course... still waiting on the drivetrain parts, but at least we made some progress on that front this week. We'll be riding a mostly SRAM Red groupo, along with our sweet TRP R960 brakes in anodized red, and the 50mm deep carbon wheels from Shimano.

The man in the little brown truck, brought some more drivetrain bits for the new cross bike this week... but unfortunately I'm still waiting on the frame for that one. I guess you could almost count coffee as bike parts, and if you can, then he also brought me some sweet new Bodum coffee cups. Thermal, so the hot side stays hot, and the cool side cool... while providing a sweet visual at the same time.

Right now the weekend plans are in a holding pattern... waiting to see exactly what the weather decides to do.

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