Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Girl Scout Bailout Package

I nearly titled this post "Girl Scout Stimulus Package"; but that didn't quite seem appropriate...

Alright, so anyway... who was the comedian that thought it would be funny to let me order 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!?!? Now I have to make the difficult decision of which box to eat for lunch today.

MSNBC updated us on the Bernard Madoff story, to let us know that his wife took out "roughly 15 million dollars" just days before his arrest. I'd like to go to my bank and write that number on a withdrawal slip... The story also updated us on the current whereabouts of Mr. Madoff;
"The 70-year-old former Nasdaq stock market chairman remains confined to his Manhattan penthouse under house arrest."

I wouldn't mind being that fucking lucky either. Christ... crime really does pay. After ripping off investers in excess of 50 billion dollars, and living the absolute high-life off of their money, I could now being punished by having a vacation/retirement at home, in my Manhattan penthouse, playing Playstation all day on my big screen, surrounded by Chinese take-out boxes. You know the fucker still goes out to the balcony and spits on the "little people" down on the sidewalk below.

In other financial news... stocks finished down yesterday amid statements by President Obama, that financial institutions that received taxpayer money for "bailouts" may actually indeed need to account for exactly where that money went to. Fucking thieves.

Last night I nearly snarfed my adult-beverage when Matt Frei, the anchor on BBC World News America referred to Obama as "The Chief Sales Manager of the stimulus package".

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Elgee said...

And then there is this...
My big sponsor for Cult Cross last year has bailed as of today.
Maxxis sighting budget and work force cuts can not support the grass roots events this year. So, come drink more beer and hope to win a pair of Tire levers.