Thursday, February 26, 2009


...start your engines!

I may be a touch crazy, but I decided to step up the schedule for the first race of the season, and signed up for the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon. It should make for a nice little change of pace, with no real pressure, other than what I put on myself. I wish I had been able to get in more running over the past two months. The distance should be no problem, doing it what I consider an acceptable pace should be another. The legs are going to be pissed at me, since we're throwing them right into a race-pace effort, and with no brick workouts or transition practices or anything. Oh well... no pressure right? I just have to remember that it's been a scary number of years since my duathlon days, and that I should expect to be out of that form. And still, it should be a blast either way, and Seth is even coming out to experience the joy of uncooperative legs as well!

The true season is getting ready to kick off in Belgium this weekend as well, with the Het Volk - I mean the "Het Nieuwsblad", the first of the semi-classics!

Speaking of racing, there's just 28 days until the Formula1 season begins. Forget Garmin-Chipotle, now we'll have a real US team to get behind! Word is now coming out that there will be a US-based Formula1 team for the 2010 season! Led by Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson... but further details are pretty scarce right now, other than the fact that the team is currently known as USF1 and will be based out of Charlotte, NC. Perhaps this new team will encourage a speedy return of racing to North American soil?

It's not really racing, unless you count the Coffin Races, but it is an event that's coming up on the schedule... Frozen Dead Guy Days! That's right, starting up next Friday, so you only have one week to prepare. For me, that mostly means making sure the camera battery is all charged-up, so I can take pictures of all the goons that come up from the low-lands and don't do much more than start drinking at 11am and try to walk down snow-covered hills in their flip-flops.

Come out and visit Grandpa for his celebration!

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Elgee said...

Is this some type of Aprils Fools joke?