Monday, November 24, 2008

3-Day Week

I REALLY hate broken windshields. Especially the ones that don't even come from a rock smack... the ones where you come out to your car to find a big ol' crack in the windshield. Invariably, those are the ones that you also get to watch spread further and further seemingly every time you look at it through the day. Great.

On the other hand, I do love 3-day work weeks! Yeah, it might be Monday, and that still sucks, but at least I'll be able to stay home and avoid The Man on Thursday and Friday! Woo Hoo!

***Just a side note, brought on by the current streaming radio station - HOLY SHIT does 'My Chemical Romance' SUCK! - thank jeebus I haven't used up my "skips" for this hour!***

Sunday I woke up feeling much less spectacular than normal, just like I had on Saturday, so I decided to bail on the plan to race twice. I still went down to do at least the single speed category race. Probably would have been better to stay home and rest up, but in a few weeks, the next race will seem a really, really long time away. This was another race at the juvie-detention-type place in Golden. Still a pretty good course, but always bumpy, often "thorny", and at times hard to pass on. This course used a lot of the usual sections, plus some fresh stuff thrown in. It was bumpy, but what seems bumpy after last week at the Rec Center?

There was a pretty good showing for the single speed race. And we started out mostly sane, a bit fast, but I was comfortable enough following the first wheel or two, where I could see how things would shake out. At the end of the first lap, we were into the back of the Cat3 field, and Charlie was off the front with me chasing close behind. Following his pace was manageable, the hard part was getting around the traffic efficiently enough. I pushed it at one point, daring to go off the main line, and stuffed the bike into a big ol' hole, burping the front tire. From then on out I was a bit more conservative. I wasn't feeling 100%, so the power was lacking coming out of the turns and on the uphill, but mostly I kept getting stuck behind groups of 3-5 riders at a time, slowing me up. In the end, the dude behind me caught up while I was slowed by the 5th bobble of someone directly in front of me, and he managed to get past in some traffic. Not enough course to come back at him, with less than half a lap left, so I just followed the group in for third. Overall, not too bad, since I never really pushed too hard, and was right in the mix, but frustrating in that I never really got to push too hard... Probably good, since before I even got out of Golden, I just wanted to sleep, I spent the rest of the evening, coughing the evil out of my lungs.

***'Jimmy Eats World' is nearly as bad as My Chemical Romance, and now I need to switch stations because I'm down to 3 skips***

Really? Only two more weeks of racing left!?!?


Brad said...

You need to check out Flycast and Pandora on the iPhone for music streaming.

I am Brian said...

I live on Pandora!

And it is a sweet app on the iPhone too. As much as I hate AOL, their iPhone app works pretty nice too. I'll have to check out Flycast though, thanks!