Tuesday, November 18, 2008


79... that's how many of those little "degree thingies" the thermometer is counting right now. That's my kind of reading for a day that's just a week before Thanks-for killing the Indians-Giving. So for now, I'll just ignore the current forecast for Thursday.

Like any good boy scout, I planned ahead and was prepared for this weather, and plotted to sneak outside at lunch time for a quick ride. The legs are already well on their way to "blindingly white", but I didn't let that distract me;

It was a lunch ride, and I was promising for a while to hook up with the gang from work, and Steve was kind enough to let me tag along for the ride. And luckily, we work right at the base of the hills, so up Flagstaff it was.

The conclusion was that my legs definitely aren't recovered from the weekend yet. Blah. But I've definitely felt worse, the legs wanted to turn over at least, so that was good. And I mean, what can spoil a ride in the sun, and 79 degrees during lunch anyway... other than actually going back to work? Another successful day of avoiding the evil trainer.

Holy crap! Did I just say Thanksgiving is NEXT week!? I need to go eat some pumpkin pie RIGHT now! Time to start stretching the belly, because I sure don't want to shock the system.

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