Monday, November 17, 2008

Latest Weekend Wrap

The first mission of this weekend was to leave work as quickly as possible and catch Quantum of Solace on the big screen... Mission accomplished. A good, fairly typical James Bond movie. I had a small issue or two with the plot, but I won't spoil it. I have a tough time disconnecting myself from the reality of what's possible in most movies, but never in a James Bond movie. You can always just enjoy them in all their action-packed detail.

Saturday was race day, down at the Louisville Rec Center. The plan was to race both 35+ and the single speed category. I might have reconsidered that plan, if I hadn't blocked out of my memory just how bumpy this course is! I was running a bit late, so my warm up for the 35+ race consisted of riding the first half the course, down to the start. I started at the back, on the SS, and quickly realized just how bad of a course this was for the single speed, if you were racing guys with gears. No real technical sections where I could make up time, and the entire course was either big gear flat-out pounding, or little gear spinning up steep hills. Including one additional hill for this year, that was impossible on the single. No biggie, churned my way around, enjoyed being out racing on course, finished up in 28th. In the single speed race, I was just off the pace of the leaders. Many times they were within' grasp, but the extra beating of the earlier race had taken some out of the legs. And it seemed like every time I came up on Cat3 guys to pass, it was always at the worst times... into the sand, or up the hills, so I'd get stuck for a little bit, losing time. I finished up 4th, which was fine, and rode well without really any bobbles. Unlike last year when I had 3 flats and dropped my chain twice. I think that course could be really cool... if we just got rid of at least SOME of the endless bumps! My hands are still a bit sore today!

The highlight of the day on Saturday had to be this one chick coming out of the rec center. I'm sure we always confuse the usual patrons of the rec center, when they show up one Saturday and suddenly the parking lot is full of lycra clad maniacs. But I'm sitting on the ground, pinning a number to my skinsuit, with a cross bike on either side of me, Dave Towle is blasting through the speakers, and there's about 100 people within quick eye-shot on bikes, and she asks, "So... what's going on today?". "Uh... it's like a bike race and stuff." I tell her. "Oh, that makes sense." Yes, yes it does.

Sunday I decided to head out on the mountain bike since I don't think the trails are going to be clear much longer. Plus it was "pretty warm" but the wind was howling. So hiding in the trees sounded a lot more fun than being out on the road. It took some effort to get out the door, and I hoped it was going to be one of those days where I would feel a lot better once I was out... but it wasn't. My legs were pretty shattered from Saturday's races, and the route called for some pretty stout climbing. At least it was good to be out on the bike, even if it was crazy windy and cold once I got into Ned.

After some good clouds showing off the sunset;

Jessica, Alex and I hit up the Wondervu Cafe for some tasty Mexican food. Even though they are jerk-offs at this place, and won't even allow cyclists to fill their water bottles, it is a nice quiet place for good Mexican food on Sunday evenings.

After dinner, the three of us shared some "special" Egg Nog I had - good for keeping warm on a windy night;

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