Saturday, November 8, 2008

Like It Or Not...

Like it or not... it's pretty much time for winter. And winter rides. Time to throw on the leg warmers not because you "might as well stay toasty", but instead, "so that you don't curl up in a ball on the side of the road and freeze to death!

I skipped the cross race today, because I believe in a strong separation of church and cycling. Crazy christians... and if you think I'm being mean, then you need to check out the Purity Ball. I think I could complain about that "clan" for days.

After a jaunt to Ned for morning muffins, I figured I'd change my ride plans, since it was "snowy" and the Peak-to-Peak was wet. The evil looking clouds stayed pretty lodged on the divide though, so I decided to roll the dice and stick with my original plan. Not an overly long ride, but some good climbing for the day. It took me 20 minutes to put on all the layers I figured I'd need to stay comfy. The sometimes nice thing with riding this time of year, is that you pretty much have the higher roads all to yourself; I didn't see another cyclist out the entire ride.

When I rolled through Ned, it was definitely cold... and it was only getting windier. I had thought about heading up to Eldora before heading home, but it would have been an ugly, cold headwind the whole way. And it was 40 degrees, but snow was blowing down from the evil storm above.

Brrr... and South Boulder Creek was doing it's best to warn everyone that it's time for it to be cold as well;

Come sunset time, the evil storm was still stuck up on the divide... but I'm not sure it will stay there much longer;

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ELGEE said...

Isnt the term "purity" and "ball" an oxy moron? I mean, how the hell can you be pure if you are "balling"? just a thought.