Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I think all the saw dust in the air over at Rubin's house, got into my brain and made me bust out the hammer and saw myself. I finally got motivated enough to work on the second skateboard ramp. I need another side... turning around again and again to hit a quarter, takes all the fun out of it! At least while skating in the garage. To mix it up some, I was going to build a bank with a curb, but another quarter was going to work better with the materials I had on hand.

That gave me this... a mirror image of the other side, in mini-form. Could even double as a bit of a launch ramp (albeit a steep one), or even better, jamming it up against a wall for some wall ride action. It's all done, I just need to screw on the sheeting, and then try it out. So far it's rock solid - even though I screwed up and didn't put the second cross member in quite square.

You really have to love the people that are doing everything in their power to help the world. I spotted this Audi All-Road, with a twin turbo charged 2.7 liter V6, that gets a "whopping" 14/21 mpg city/highway, driving approximately 8 blocks from campus to some housing. And yes, that's a "stop global warming" sticker in their back window;

It's almost time to think about Thanks(for-killing-the-Indians)giving... even though Xmas decorations have been out in the stores since October 29th and I spotted my first Xmas lights decorating a house on October 4th. And last night at the grocery store, I spotted pumpkin flavored egg nog! Well... you know I couldn't resist that. And it is damned good - tastes like good pumpkin ice cream! It better be though, it's all I get to eat for the next several days, at a total count of 1440 calories per quart!

And while staring off into space while at the line at the grocery store, my eyes fixed on this. After the Purity Ball, it seems only natural that we're are going to need an Idiots guide to Prayer;

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