Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have to find that weather guy, so I can go kick him in the teeth! With a forecast of sun and 67 degrees, I was all about sneaking out for a lunch ride today. I even had plans to take an especially long lunch today... Motivation however, was running ridiculously low, when the clouds stayed overhead all morning, and the temperature had only made it up to 42 by lunch time. 42 isn't too bad, but I had only brought clothes for 67 degree temps, with just a minor amount of "backup".

Somehow I found the motivation to get out... probably because deep down inside, I think this will be the last few days before winter takes off it's gloves, and starts getting mean with us! Plus, I figured I'd catch up with the lunch crew, since they were doing a loop I always mean to explore, but never do. And well... there's always the motivation that even riding outdoors in the cold, means that you don't have to ride the trainer!

Who doesn't love twisty dirt roads that go uphill (and are still dry 2-days before Turkey Day!?)

As far as I'm concerned... this sign means we're probably on the right track;

Nice, I think I can see those poor slobs still slaving away in the office 2400 feet below!

I almost felt guilty, but there were more lovely sections of twisty, uphilly, dirt road yet;

Plus, going home meant that there was going to be some cold descending ahead... never fun. But it was worth it. One more day of work left, and then it's time to over eat, in order to celebrate the white man's takeover of this land we now call America! I better get to stretching my stomach already!

Even though things look grim for the holiday... let's focus on the positive! Fewer Americans will pop for a big holiday meal this year because of the downturn in the economy. But maybe that will be a good thing. I mean, what's the obesity rate at now for Americans? 60 MILLION obese Americans... a full THIRD of the US population.

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Notorious B.I.L. said...

We need to hook up and ride. It drives me crazy! All these great roads and no clue how to get to them!!!!