Friday, November 7, 2008

Skate Park

This morning I had to make a stop in Ned, and in addition, had a few minutes to kill until the post office opened. So I figured it would be a good time to check out the construction of the new skate park! Things seem to be coming along quite nicely! Though, I'm not sure if it will get done just in time to fill up with snow, or what. Especially given that with the 27 degree temps and strong, cold wind this morning, it wasn't surprising that the ice was starting to form on the reservoir. I couldn't get a good vantage point for a photo to show off the construction, but there is definitely a lot of curvy concrete poured. And at least I got a picture of the layout from the construction sign;

Ah yes... just to think... I used to have to sneak my skateboard into school with me, or face certain trouble from the authorities. And now... a skateboard park in every town! This all reminds me that I've been meaning to get back to building my bank-ramp for the garage...

Something I forgot to report on from last Sunday's race as well... it was the first race-day testing for the tubeless set-up! It worked out pretty well, considering you didn't hear me complain about having a flat or having a wheel fall off. I was a little anxious about how the wider tires would work in the grass, but they actually rolled quite nice! Fast even! No doubt, helped by the fact that I could run them at a bit lower pressure than my other tires. I was right about 36psi (according to my pump). There were lots of hairpins on the grass, but they hooked up surprisingly well. Worked nicely on the short paved section and everywhere in between. I even cased the rim totally at one point on a root, but it didn't seem to affect anything! I checked for burping after the race, and there was a spot or two on the dusty tire, but I almost think those were from earlier rides. Especially since the tires checked out at pretty much the same pressure after the race. So yeah, I'm pretty happy with that. Now to test them out on a "more traditional" (sadly) Colorado course, with rocks and dirt next time. I'm still a bit bummed that you basically have to treat these at tubbies, in the fact that you can't change your tires at a given moment, for changing conditions. Like tubbies, you would need a whole different set of wheels for muddy vs. dry conditions.

Speaking of cyclocross... it's time for the weekend again. And just in time at that. Not sure what the story is with the racing this weekend... I'm not excited by either of them.

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